Nicole Payzant is a photographer in the Halifax, NS area.

What I'm all about...

I am dedicated towards using my God-given passion to capture the beauty found in the spirit of the moment. My goal is to understand and meet the specific practical and creative needs of my clients through open communication and the building of relationships. I am committed to providing a fun, relaxed, professional atmosphere and maintaining a creativity that exceed's our client's every expectation.

A little of my history...

I have had an interest in various art-forms for the majority of my life. It was always a hobby of mine, and originally I had no intent of making it my career.
Luckily, things changed.
After the influence of two amazing art teachers and one spontaneous trip to New York City, I decided that I needed to pursue my passion.
I entered my foundation year at NSCAD University knowing that I had an interest in drawing and photography, but expecting to fall madly in love with something else. Instead, I finished the year madly in love with photography.
My interest in wedding and portrait photography led me away from the world of galleries and exhibitions. I made the tough decision to leave NSCAD and continue my learning elsewhere: The Centre for Arts and Technology.
I am currently finishing my third semester, and am loving every minute of it.