Thursday, July 22, 2010

The 3mm Rule

My poor family members.

Aside from generally finding it humorous and/or annoying to have my camera aimed in their direction (a later post: comparing cameras to loaded firearms), there isn't always cooperation amongst them.
Something I'm sure they have heard me say over and over, is "REMEMBER THE 3MM RULE!?!?!"

I am a self-confessed shallow-depth-of-field-o-holic.

Maybe it comes from my inability to shoot landscapes that makes me obsessed with selecting a very particular focal point.

OR, maybe my obsession with selecting a very particular focal point makes me incapable of shooting a decent landscape.

But regardless. It is a quality that just makes my heart flutter.

Unfortunately, when shooting with a small depth of field, it is just that: a small depth of field. The slightest of movements can throw off the entire image. Forget about the fact that with a wide aperture you can use a faster shutter... it may never be fast enough.

I have a theory that cameras autofocusing at f/2.8, f/1.8, f/1.4---- never get around to it. I have tried and failed to autofocus and snap a quick, candid photo many a time, wiiide open.

On the bright side, my camera has a nifty feature that lets me zoom in on what I want in focus so I can fine-tune manually. On the down side, this only works on stationary objects because it takes an extra moment or two.

As for candid portraits, It doesn't happen. I almost always end up manual focusing and crossing my fingers, yelling "REMEMBER THE 3mm RULE!"... before giving up and increasing to f/4 or f/5.

And here, my lovely aunt lisa demonstrates the 3mm rule.

Happy Snapping!

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