Sunday, March 13, 2011

MMM, Coffee!

If you happen to have me as a friend on facebook, you may have heard about my little skin emergency 1.5 weeks ago.
Consequently, I missed one of my in-studio group assignments: a beverage shot.

So I set up my own little atrociously constructed sort-of mini tabletop studio yesterday, to take a half decent attempt at a coffee-shot.
Yup, cheap indeed... I used 3 chairs, two pieces of foamcore from the dollar store, a piece of white bristol board, and a white sheet.

Let me tell you a secret. Thursday's this semester have been long days. I leave the house at 7am, and return around 10pm. Between 3 and 6 I have a break from classes. By week 3 of the semester I had designated that my "date" time. Date with whom, you ask? A date with myself.
I leave my morning class, and go to my favourite place to eat my favourite meal. I never look at the menu, that would ruin it for me. Then I pop over to my favorite coffee shop (Second Cup, of course!) and if they happen to have Caramelo or Butter Pecan my day is just that much brighter. (They usually do).
I sit for the next two hours and drink my coffee, while editing photos.
I have been praying that I have a day like this next semester.

Its not Second Cup, but my sister makes a delicious cup of coffee from these beans...
I am fairly happy with the results, considering, though seeing it against white makes it look far too uneven for my tastes.

50mm, 1/20, f/11, ISO200

50mm, 1/60, f/4, ISO100

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