Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Catching Up

I have spent the last several months feeling very absent from "real life". Life as a photographer; as a creative. 

Perhaps deliberately, at first.
Stepping back.
Finding my bearings.

Starting a new job... finally some structure to my post-graduate lifestyle.
Promoted to waitressing for the summer.... loving it.

(note: I always used to say I would never photograph weddings. I also said I would never waitress. Ha.)

Then, inevitably, I realized that this false security of "structure" had led me deep into the black hole of disorganization. No time for anything. No time to even sit down and figure out what I don't have time for.

Long story short, I've come to the realization (thanks to some very special folks in my life, conversations deep into the night, and possibly a few tears) that I need to make time.
I need to make time for the things that make me.... me.

I am at my best when I am challenged. Busy. Late nights and early mornings. Highly caffeinated. Working outside the house. With a queue of images to edit. Lists. Lots of lists. 

Thank goodness for Starbucks and Second Cup.

I can't really consider this a "fresh start", because I don't feel like I am starting over. It feels like I am scrambling to get back on my creative feet?

Regardless, here is some instagram-tography to satiate this post's need for imagery. My summer, condensed into 18 images. 

( if you want to follow my instagramigans (like shenanigans............ too much of a stretch?) my username is @npayzant  ... for those of you without the app, you can view the full stream by clicking here )

(left-to-right, top-to-bottom)

1. Discovering the Starbucks app for my iPhone   |   2. The quiet drive past the farm   |   3. Friendly giants   |   4. Come visit!   |   5. The farm at sunset   |   6. Sunny day in the city   |   7. View from my "spot" at Second Cup   |   8. Floral print dresses, post-beach hair, and iced coffee   |   9. Her favourite spot, atop my head

1. Lawrencetown Beach   |   2. Best friend and her love for kitty   |   3. National Art Gallery, Ottawa   |   4. On the ferry   |   5. Cavendish, PEI   |   6. Shiny new wheels (and fabulous parking skills)   |   7. This is my freedom face   |   8. Handsome fox at sunset   | 9. Seriously, this guy was adorable. 

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  1. Great samplings of your summer NIcole. I hope you make time to take more pics. Love the one of you driving. ;)