Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Inner Monster.

My inner monster has been unleashed.
I have officially started thinking much too hard about everything again, and feel the artist in me taking over.

I've purchased a beautiful red notebook, and the moment I opened its front cover (and skipped the first page, of course...I can never write on the first page of a notebook), I began to write for the entire bus ride home.

In the span of an hour, I had concocted several different assignments for myself to tackle and see if I can create some beautiful photographs, or even suffer for the sake of a series.

I feel a little bit crazy, but when your inspiration starts growing from the handle inside a bathroom stall that is probably expected.
I've started a bit of an investigation of "big things reflected in small objects". I think it is a little bit ironic, and unconventional, to look into something small and see a world so much larger than itself being reflected. I suppose in some ways it can be regarded as a spiritual thing, small things reflecting things so much bigger than themselves which may go unnoticed until somebody looks closely enough.

The images are confusing, as was my intent... I feel that there is an uncertainty about them as a whole, because it takes a moment of looking to try and understand, and not understanding makes people uncomfortable.

Here is installment #1... this was for a fine art assignment at school. I am fairly confident that I will revisit this again at some point.

Canon 7D, 100mm f/2.8 USM macro
((image one: f/8, 1/6s, ISO400))
((image two: f/7.1, 8s, ISO400))

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